Sequoia High School

John Rice
John Rice
Senior Director, Alternative Education Program
(831) 466-5724
Cristal Renteria
Assistant Director, Alternative Education
(831) 466-5685

Sequoia High School overview

Sequoia High School is committed to meeting all students as individuals within a safe and supportive community that prepares each learner for college and career success. Our school culture is rooted in kindness, acceptance, equity, and self-empowerment. The six class period block schedule structure provides students with a variety of opportunities to engage with a wide range of subject areas,including career technical education courses. At Sequoia, we are future oriented. Every student develops a post-graduation plan for success. Through a continuum of programming and a choice of career pathways, we create learning experiences that are relevant, rigorous, and engaging. 

School-Wide Goals

In Alternative Education, we strive to become more…
Curious – Engaged, knowledge-seeking, life-long learners
Conscientious – Kind to ourselves, compassionate with  others, responsible to our communities, and active stewards of the environment
Confident – Self-empowered, self-actualized, community and globally active individuals

Sequoia High School
Phone: (831) 466-5680
Address: 229 Green Valley Road, Freedom, CA 95019
Grades: High School