The Cottage

The Cottage overview

The Cottage is an afternoon program designed for students who benefit from a small classroom setting with individual attention. Centrally located in Harvey West Park, The Cottage is accessible to students countywide and the afternoon class schedule allows students who are working or who have been out of school to reconnect with a high school education with an emphasis on career choices, character education, and literacy.

School-Wide Goals

In Alternative Education, we strive to become more…
Curious – Engaged, knowledge-seeking, life-long learners.
Conscientious – Kind to ourselves, compassionate with  others, responsible to our communities, and active stewards of the environment.
Confident – Self-empowered, self-actualized, community and globally active individuals.

The Cottage
Phone: (831) 420-6193
Address: 325 Evergreen Street,  Santa Cruz, California 95060
Time: 11 am – 4 pm
Ages: 14 through 18