Student Optimal Athletic Performance (SOAP)

PAMF Santa Cruz Sports Medicine Program

Football playerThe PAMF Santa Cruz Sports Medicine program provides certified athletic trainers for your school. These trainers provide game and training coverage, injury prevention and management, and rehabilitation of sports injuries.

We also are putting energy and resources into educating our student-athletes about how to stay healthy and perform at the highest level on the field, in the classroom and in life.

Most athletes have had the experience of playing when their sport feels easy, fun and effortless. Athletes know when they are “in the zone,” but often can’t figure out what got them there. Most athletes also have had the opposite experience, when nothing seems to go right, or feeling slow and uncoordinated.

Why does this happen?

Evidence shows that some basic life skills such as sleep, training and recovery habits, hydration and nutrition can determine how well an athlete will perform and how consistent he or she can be. Athletes who focus on these simple life skills will not only have fewer injuries and be healthier, but also will perform better at practice and during games.

The goal of our program is to teach our student-athletes how to prevent injuries, train and perform better, and how to be successful in life. The purpose of this site is to provide simple and easy to remember information for athletes to help them succeed.

Student Optimal Athletic Performance (SOAP)

As a high school student, there are many demands on you throughout your school day. Whether it is your class schedule, taking tests or pursuing athletics, your health plays a key role in how well you perform. This is a survey created by the Palo Alto Medical Foundation Santa Cruz Sports Medicine Program and the Santa Cruz County Career Technical Education Partnership (CTEP), (formerly ROP), to ask you how well you might be taking care of yourself with regard to sleep, nutrition and hydration; all very important factors to help you achieve your goals.

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