Sueños Program: Employers and Mentors

Without the hard work and commitment that our worksites and mentors offer to the Sueños program, we wouldn’t be able to provide the experience and skills development we offer for our youth. We are very thankful to them all.

Sueños employment opportunity bulletin board

Maria Rodriguez-Castillo, Disabilities and Mental Health Specialist
Head Start, Early Head Start & State Preschool

Having Maria Rodriguez as a mentor for the Sueños Program has provided many valuable work experience positions for our participants with Head Start. Additionally, our partnership has created several permanent employment opportunities for our participants after completion of their work experience hours.

Maria never fails to have a positive impact on Sueños participants because of her encouraging, patient and understanding approach while working with them. She is always focused on meeting their needs and looks for ways to improve their skill sets while also motivating them to reach success in their academic and personal lives. Maria is very approachable and offers such a comfortable working environment making it easy for youth to reach out to her, which leads to her having such a positive influence on them.

For the passion and dedication she has shown the Sueños Program and our participants, we are extremely grateful. We thank her and Head Start for being an exemplary partner in assisting us in developing confident leaders in our community.

Jesus A. Reyes, Migrant Outreach Specialist
Migrant Education Out-of-School Youth Program

Jesus Reyes is one of our newer worksite mentors and has already impacted the lives of our Sueños participants. Jesus has such great energy and passion for working with youth in our community that it’s contagious.

His dedication to making a difference in a young person’s life has inspired one Sueños participant to want to do the same. This participant has expressed that having Jesus as a mentor has been motivating and opened her eyes to the possibility that you can have a rewarding job because it allows you to care about and help the youth in your community. This participant also adds that being placed at the Migrant Education Out-of-School Youth Program gave her the chance to work with youth and become a mentor for them, which is very important because mentors help young people stay positive and well-rounded.

The Sueños Program and its participants give many thanks to Jesus for having a positive influence on the lives of young people and for creating a safe environment for youth to develop their employment skills while cultivating contributing members of society.

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