Superintendent’s Articles

A Message from the Superintendent – January 2018

California Reinvestment in Public Education Needed Now

Investing in the Young: US Fails UNICEF Report Card

Teaching, Learning & Education

What California Must Do to Solve Our Teacher Shortage

California School Dashboards Released March 14

No Child Should Go Hungry

Leadership Santa Cruz County Holds Annual Education Day at the Santa Cruz County Office of Education

Inside Education Program: A Visit to Outdoor Science School and A Chance to Participate

A Message from the Superintendent – December 2014

A Message from the Superintendent – May 2014

Mountain School District Superintendent for a Day

Chronic Absence: A Hidden National Crisis

Summer Is the Real Key to Student Success

A Message from the Superintendent – January 2014

Superintendent Works to ‘Move the Dial Forward in Public Education’

A Message from the Superintendent – Fall 2013

A Message from the Superintendent – January 2013

Rally Against Gun Violence

California needs to cultivate international interests

A Reflection and Resources for Keeping Our Students Safe

Weighted Student Formula

It’s About Helping Educate Children

School Cutbacks Will Do More Damage Than Good

Inside Education: An Innovative Look at Santa Cruz County Schools

Students Create Film Depicting Daily Life at the Small, One School District

A Message from the Monterey Bay Educational Consortium

Assembly Bill 3632: Mental Health Special Education Needs Mandate

A Message from the Superintendent – March 2010

The Positive Impact of SCCOE Administration

Inside Education: It’s No Longer Vocational Ed-It’s Career Tech

Inside Education: Why the Early Years Matter

National Read for the Record Day

Op Ed: Inside Education

Arts and Athletics, June, 2009

Celebrating Arts Education Month

Inside Education: Community participation program kicks off its first-in-a-series seminar

October, 2008, SCCOE Ribbon Cutting and Open House

Expanding Access to High Quality Preschool in Santa Cruz County

March, 2008, Budget Rally