Mountain School District Superintendent for a Day

Superintendent Michael Watkins with Superintendents for the day Sophie and Jace
Superintendent Michael Watkins with Superintendents for the day Sophie and Jace

What a day it was! Mountain Elementary School students Sophie O’Rourke (3rd grade) and Jace Hyer (4th grade) were treated to a day with Mountain Elementary School Superintendent Diane Morgenstern—and received the ‘royal treatment’ from the Santa Cruz County Office of Education. Sophie and Jace are still talking about their October 7th tour of the County Office of Education. They were treated to meetings with tour leader Associate Superintendent Mary Anne James, visitations to numerous busy COE departments, a special ‘insider visit’ to the technology complex, and more. Their highlight was a chance of a lifetime ‘consultation’ with County Superintendent Michael Watkins! Jace is still talking about meeting with important people and seeing how the needs of 40,000 students are taken care of at the county office.

One of these students won the opportunity to be Superintendent for a Day at a district auction; the other was unanimously nominated by faculty to receive this special honor. Both students describe it as an ‘awesome day’! Here was their schedule of events:

9:30 Planning Meeting with Superintendent Morgenstern
Outcome: Approve upcoming staff and Board agendas and provide feedback on the architectural design for summer classroom replacement projects
10:30 Tour of the County Office
Outcome: Meet busy and important people, receive lots of wonderful gifts and surprises, and consult with the COE Chief, County Superintendent Michael Watkins!
12:00 Business lunch with Superintendent Morgenstern
2:00 Final wrap up, thank you notes, and hugs for a special day!

In public education, we are all in the inspiration business. Mountain Elementary School District wishes to thank the many wonderful COE staff members who inspired these future leaders and reminded us all that it’s about ‘making the impossible possible’ for all children. Sophie and Jace will always remember their day with the ‘VIPs’ at the COE.

In appreciation,

Diane Morgenstern
Superintendent, Mountain ESD