We Need More Educators | COE Community Update

Dear community member,

We face a shortage of educators in our community and across our state.

More than 13,500 teachers retired across California at the end of last year,  about a thousand more than the year before. As I wrote this week in a column for the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the same trend is in evidence in Santa Cruz County. We’ve seen record numbers of teachers depart from the classroom, and many positions remain unfilled. 

What does this mean? Among the other challenges brought on by the pandemic, teachers and administrators are needing to fill those gaps across our schools.

We could use your help. 

The most straightforward way to get involved is by becoming a substitute teacher. At the state and local level we’ve waived most fees and made the process to get certified and on our substitute teacher list easier than ever before.

All that’s required is a bachelor’s degree, basic subject-matter proficiency, and a passion for engaging and inspiring students. 

So whether you’re a recent retiree, graduate, exploring a career change, or seeking flexible, part-time work, I hope you’ll give serious consideration to becoming a substitute teacher. Fill out an interest form at sccoe.link/sub to learn about next steps.

Yours in education and equity,
Dr. Faris Sabbah
County Superintendent of Schools

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