End of the Year Fun Student Activities!

As our school year winds down, many are participating in culminating, celebratory activities. Numerous sites have recently engaged in field trips to whale watch in our beautiful Monterey Bay, while others have traveled to the California Academy of Science in San Francisco. At Hartman School, our students recently completed a financial literacy course with the Santa Cruz Community Credit Union. Additionally, our Hartman students recently learned anime drawing techniques with a visiting artist from Los Angeles.


Meanwhile, our students at Sequoia Schools are learning new recipes in our Culinary Arts classroom, passionately playing soccer at the Polo Grounds, and committing to protecting the ocean as they visit the Sanctuary Exploration Center in Santa Cruz. We look forward to continuing these enriching experiences as we approach graduation.


Cypress Drama Class will hold a Renaissance Faire, Tuesday May 16th. This is an opportunity for students to perform and to showcase their learned theater skills.


Certainly also worth noting, Alternative Education will hold 14 graduation ceremonies next week May 22-26 at sites across the county. All together, more than 300 students will graduate this May.