SC/SVNTP Vision: The Santa Cruz/Silicon Valley New Teacher Project (SC/SVNTP) believes in providing equitable education for each student by developing culturally responsive antiracist teachers who focus on student outcomes

Site Administrators Play A Critical Role In New Teacher Success

Graphic of Success FactorsOur common goal is to ensure every student has an excellent teacher every year. In order to accomplish this goal, we need to work together to develop systems of support for new teachers that will help them grow quickly, stay in teaching, and become the kind of excellent educators all of their students deserve.

As depicted in the graphic to the left, this system of support includes the strong and supportive relationship between mentor and new teacher, between the new teacher and the site administrator, and between the mentor and the site administrator. When these relationships are situated in a positive school climate that values ongoing learning, genuine collaboration, and a focus on positive outcomes for all, the positive impact is multiplied.


Role of the Principal in Beginning Teacher Induction This Practice Brief written by the New Teacher Center outlines how site administrators can create systems of support for new teachers.

Individual Learning Plan (ILP) As described in the California Induction Standards, the ILP is developed in consultation with the Site Administrator within the first 60 days of enrollment in the program solely for the purposes of formative development not evaluation. Site Administrators need to work closely with mentors to provide input into the development of an ILP for each new teacher. Such input may include sharing district/site goals as well as insights on the strengths and needs of the new teacher. The ILP is revisited and revised in January and again in May to ensure continued growth towards goals.

Site Administrator Agreements  We ask that Site Administrators review the agreements as they are an important role in the Induction of new teachers.

Information about Video Observations of New Teachers As part of the SC/SVNTP Induction Program, Participating Teachers and their mentors use a password protected video collection and annotation system called Talent to record and review the classroom practice of the new teacher. Ask your Mentor, your school/district’s SC/SVNTP Steering Committee Representative, or SC/SVNTP Program Leaders if you have further questions.

For more information about the Torsh/Talent platform, visit the TORSH website or watch the Torsh Talent Video.

Steering Committee

The purpose of Steering Committee is to provide regular opportunities for leaders in our consortium to learn from one another, seek ways to further align Induction with other district/school initiatives, ensure appropriate resourcing, share ideas and guide the work of the Santa Cruz/Silicon Valley New Teacher Project. 

This page contains materials and resources for members of the SC/SVNTP Steering Committee. Items for the most recent meeting are at the top. If you have questions, please contact SC/SVNTP Senior Director Melissa Roberts (San Benito & Santa Cruz) or Candace McIsaac (Contra Costa, San Mateo, & Santa Clara).

SC/SVNTP Steering Committee Dates

All meetings are 8:30am- 10:00am via Zoom

  •  Monday, September 18th
  • Friday, December 1st
  • Monday, February 5th
  • Friday, April 26th

Communicate, Connect & Collaborate

Learn more in the Site Administrator Handbook below

SC/SVNTP Administrator Handbook

We acknowledge and appreciate the critical role administrators play with all teachers, especially with teachers new to our profession. We present this handbook as a resource to mutually support all students through excellent teaching.

Table of Contents

Questions? Ask the mentor assigned to your school, your district representatives, or contact SC/SVNTP Program Directors, Melissa Roberts (San Benito & Santa Cruz) and Candace McIsaac  (Contra Costa, San Mateo, & Santa Clara).