AB602 Allocation Plan and Local Plan

AB 602 Funding Allocation Plan

The Allocation Plan provides policies and procedures to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) regarding the allocation of funds for special education services throughout North Santa Cruz County SELPA.

Special Education Revenue Summary Report – Template Exhibit A For SELPA

Download a spreadsheet template to calculate and summarize special education revenues pursuant to AB 602.

Template Exhibit B for SECA

Download a spreadsheet template to bill estimated and actual costs to LEAs for students who are being served on MOUs in the SELPA.

Program Pupil Support Costs Worksheet 

Download a spreadsheet template to calculate costs billed on Exhibit B for pupil support staff and services.


The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 20 United States Code (20 USC) Section 1400 et seq. and related federal regulations, require each special education local plan area (SELPA) to ensure a continuum of program options are available to meet the needs of students with disabilities for special education and related services.

The California Department of Education (CDE) has established guidelines for the coordinated development and submission Local Plan components—Section A: Contacts and Certifications, Section B: Governance and Administration, Section D: Annual Budget Plan, Section E: Annual Service Plan, and required Attachments I–VII. Regional SELPAs ensure access to special education and services for all students with disabilities residing within the geographic areas served by each plan. Beginning July 1, 2020, all SELPAs were required to submit a Local Plan, using CDE-adopted templates.

Annual Service Plan

The Annual Service Plan, must identify a full continuum of service options provided within the SELPA at the time of submission, assuring access to appropriate instruction and services for all students with disabilities from birth to 22 years of age, including children with low-incidence disabilities.

Annual Budget Plan (May 2024)

The Annual Budget Plan of a local plan must identify projected revenues and expenditures as allowed by IDEA for the provision of specially designed instruction and related services to students with disabilities. The responsible local agency, or administrative unit is the legal entity that receives the funds and is responsible for seeing that every eligible child receives appropriate services as determined by Individualized Education Plan teams. Projected revenue and expenditures must be identified at the SELPA level and for each participating LEA using CDE-approved templates.