Santa Cruz/Silicon Valley New Teacher Project – District & Site Partners

The Santa Cruz/Silicon Valley New Teacher Project’s partnerships for Teacher and Student Success:

  • Site Administrators
  • Steering Committees in Santa Cruz and Silicon Valley
  • School Districts in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, and San Benito Counties
  • Teachers’ Associations
  • Santa Cruz County Office of Education (Local Education Agency (LEA))
  • Santa Clara County Office of Education

Site Administrator’s Contributions to Participating Teacher Success

  • Assign new teachers within the area of their pre-service preparation
  • Review the new teacher’s class list(s) to ensure a balance among department/grade level team’s class profiles in relation to students with special needs, English Learners, and student performance levels.
  • Place Participating Teachers in situations that offer the most opportunity for success (e.g. avoid split grade levels, limit movement to classrooms and assign thoughtful prep periods with colleagues)
  • Conduct an initial site orientation for Participating Teachers (refer to Site Orientation document)
  • Provide necessary materials, resources, and equipment
  • Build a school culture of valuing new staff and sharing practice
  • Encourage a community of learning that focuses on the State-adopted academic content standards, performance levels for students, and the California Standards for the Teaching Profession
  • Facilitate opportunities for Participating Teachers to observe experienced teachers
  • Support Participating Teachers to meet all legislative requirements enabling them to receive their Professional Clear Credential

Site Administrator – Mentor Partnership for Teacher and Student Success

SC/SVNTP Site Orientation

Site Administrator’s Facilitation of Induction Program Success

  • Communicate questions or concerns about the program with Mentors, program director or district liaison who sits on the SC/SVNTP Steering Committee
  • Participate in consortium events to understand program goals and to facilitate an integrated induction program within the site/district context
  • Take organizational action to ensure support for Participating Teachers and program success
  • Participate in the program evaluation process by completing the end-of-year SC/SVNTP Induction Survey
  • Collaborate with Mentor in order to better understand program goals and to make linkages among processes for new teacher evaluation and goal setting, formative assessment, and professional development for Participating Teachers
  • Meet with Mentor(s) who are supporting Participating Teachers at the site every 4-6 weeks for the purpose of ongoing communication
  • Respect the confidentiality between Mentor and Participating Teacher
  • Take part in three-way meetings with Participating Teacher and Mentor, as necessary or requested, to discuss observations of successes and concerns

Other Partners in Induction for Student Success:

Steering Committee Contributions

  • Oversee all aspects of the SC/SVNTP Induction Program to fully implement the program design that incorporates the necessary support and resources to ensure that Participating Teachers have every opportunity to successfully complete the induction program to receive their Professional Clear Credential and to ensure program success in the district. Measurable progress will be demonstrated in order to continue the partnership.
  • Facilitate designation of district funds to support the program
  • Attend all quarterly Steering Committee meetings, comprised of project, district and site administrators, university faculty, and human resource directors, or send a district office alternate when unable to attend
  • Ensure full cooperation and participation of district staff in program activities to include: for Mentors, mandatory trainings and professional development at Mentor forums; trainings and meetings for district office administrators, including curriculum and instruction and human resources leaders and site administrators; SC/SVNTP and network activities
  • Discuss program implementation and provide updates at district Leadership Team meetings and at Board meetings