Santa Cruz/Silicon Valley New Teacher Project – Formative Assessment

SC/SVNTP formative assessment is designed to help Participating Teachers and Mentors have powerful conversations about teaching and learning that result in greater teacher effectiveness and improved student achievement.

SC/SVNTP formative assessment is a series of collaborative processes characterized by a focus on student learning. Mentors work with Participating Teachers to collect and analyze multiple data sources, reflect upon them, and collaboratively assess classroom practice.

A variety of carefully designed tools help structure the Mentor-Participating Teacher interactions and support the teacher’s development related to the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP). For each process, the focus, content, and pacing are determined by the Mentor and Participating Teacher in light of the teacher’s co-assessed needs.

Each formative assessment is a graphic organizer that supports ongoing collaboration between Mentors and Participating Teachers and motivates thinking about different essential aspects of teaching. The tools reflect research-based best practices, develop professional habits of inquiry and reflection, promote the use of assessment data to guide instruction, and support differentiation of instruction based on students’ learning needs.

The Collaborative Assessment Log is the central tool of the formative assessment process. It provides a framework for focused and relevant conversations between the Mentor and the teacher. During each meeting and classroom visit, the Collaborative Assessment Log serves as a reminder to celebrate classroom successes, identify and prioritize challenges, and commit to specific next steps. The Collaborative Assessment Log guides interaction, documents professional growth, and directs the use of formative assessment tools.