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Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.

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Create an educational ecosystem for all educators to inspire and engage each student toward academic success, where educators have access to professional advancement regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances to ensure that they are highly effective and stay passionate

Address the specific needs of our educational community by becoming a teaching hub to foster a continuous professional growth culture and ensure equitable and impactful education for all students by empowering and cultivating a diverse education workforce.

Respect, celebrate, and prioritize:

Equity and Inclusion
Educator Well-Being
Continuous Professional Growth
Collaboration and Collegiality
Student-Centered Focus

From Passion to Profession

Monica Prestegaard’s Teacher Pathway Story

Current Pathway Program

Dear Classified Staff,

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education offers a scholarship to classified employees in local school districts that are part of the grant consortium and to COE’s classified employees to pursue a teaching career. The grant provides up to $4,368 per year for tuition and books until June 2026.

If you are interested in the program,  please join us for the information session on Feb 8th at the Santa Cruz COE. There will be refreshments served and representatives from HR and CSUMB’s Admissions Office will be present to answer your questions. 

Application is due Feb 22, 2024, and the award announcement will be on Mar 1, 2024.

Please contact InJin Jun if you have any questions. If you are ready to apply, submit your application today!

Resource & Teaching Hub

Connect with a CTC Career Counselor

Roadmap to Teaching in California. Learn about the different pathways to becoming a credentialed teacher.  

6 Steps to Become a Teacher

California needs teachers! Use this site to make a career plan, get guidance for finding a program, and find financial aid!

Financial Support for Education Career

California Department of Education assists future educators with resources for financial support and advocacy.

Work with us!

Find information on jobs available in the Santa Cruz County School System and throughout the county.

C&I Programs and Services

Leading educational excellence by supporting school leadership and providing professional development.

Raise the Bar

The US Department of Education is working with state and local leaders to elevate the teaching profession.

Induction Program

SC/SVNTP assists and supports new teachers through two years of Induction to clear their teaching credentials.

Greater Good in Education

Explore the collection of practices related to social-emotional learning, character education, and mindfulness.

Welcome to ed.PATH. A playlist of how-to videos and curated information will be coming soon.

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Become a Teacher

For more information on jobs available in the Santa Cruz County School System, including current postings, job descriptions, and salary schedule information, please visit our Employment Page.

Become a substitute teacher

Curious about teaching? Don't know where to start? Get started as a substitute teacher!
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InJin Jun 
Educator Pathway Organizer
Recruitment, Retention, and Effectiveness

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