Board Policies – 5000 Series – Students


Concepts and Roles 5000 BP
Parent Rights and Responsibilities 5020 BP
Student and Family Privacy Rights 5022 BP
Student Wellness 5030 BP
Chronic Absence and Truancy 5113.1 BP
Interdistrict Attendance Appeals 5118.1 BP
Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement 5121 BP
Release of Directory Information 5125.1 BP
Tobacco 5131 BP
Positive School Climate 5137 BP
Suicide Prevention 5141 BP
Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions 5141.21 BP
Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting 5141.4 BP
School Health Services 5141.6 BP
Safety 5142 BP
Discipline 5144 BP
Student Expulsion Appeals 5144.3 BP
Response to Immigration Enforcement 5145 BP
Student Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy 5145.7 BP


Board Policies (BP)
Administrative Regulations (AR)
Exhibits (EX)
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Board ByLaws (BB)