Board Policies – 6000 Series – Instruction


Concept and Roles 6000 BP
Academic Standards 6011 BP
COE LEA Parent Engagement Policy 6020 BP
Title I School Level Parent and Family Engagement Policy 6020.1 BP
Certificate of Proficiency/High School Equivalency 6146.2 BP
Individualized Education Program 6159 BP
Selection and Evaluation of Instructional Materials 6161.1 BP
Supplementary Instructional Materials 6161.11 BP
Student Assessment 6162.5 BP
Student Use of Technology 6163.4 BP
Guidance Counseling Services 6164.2 BP
Identification and Evaluation if Individual for Special Education 6164.4 BP
Student Success Teams 6164.5 BP
Title I Programs 6171 BP
Education for Homeless Children 6173 BP
Education for Foster Youth 6173.1 BP
Education for English Language Learners 6174 BP
Key: Board Policies (BP)
Administrative Regulations (AR)
Exhibits (EX)
Document (DOC)
Board ByLaws (BB)