Emergency Resources: School Emergency Mental Health Response Preparedness

The following material includes the Santa Cruz County School Emergency Mental Heath Response Protocol (SERP) as well as information, handouts, sample letters, and resources to assist school communities and families help students cope with traumatic events. The material is intended for use by school administrators and staff in the event of emergency situations occurring at a school site.

The School Emergency Mental Health Response Planning Committee developed the material in a binder format with funds from the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County in January 2003. Materials are currently being revised with funding from the US Department of Education Safe Schools Healthy Students Office. Revised binders are expected to be released in summer, 2010.

Dear School Site Administrators:

In the event of a traumatic event or natural disaster, school administrators are presented with the task of responding with quickness and calm in a chaotic environment. The purpose of the Santa Cruz County School Emergency Mental Health Response Protocol and the accompanying materials in this binder is to provide you with easy access to resources should an emergency situation occur at your school site. The Protocol will provide districts access to the necessary mental health response when it is beyond the ability of the district to provide services in an effective and timely manner.

The Santa Cruz County School Emergency Response Planning Project, funded by the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County, developed the contents of this binder. You are encouraged to use the materials in the binder for distribution to your staff and school community. The materials are intended to serve as guidelines. Please assess individual needs, developmental stages, cultural background, and the severity of the trauma when you use the materials.

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In case of a critical incident, activate SERP by calling Stan Einhorn at (831) 454-4147.

For additional information, contact Charise Olson, Project Coordinator, at (831) 466-5707.