Superintendent’s Policies – 4000 Series – Personnel

The Santa Cruz County Superintendent of Schools is the employer of staff within the Santa Cruz County Office of Education. Current staff and authorized parties can access the Superintendent’s Policies on this page.

Concept and Roles 4000 SP
Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace 4020 SP
Non Discrimination in Employment 4030 SP AR
Reasonable Accommodation 4032 AR
Employee Use of Technology 4040 SP EX
Certificated Personnel 4100 SP
Recruitment and Selection 4111 SP
Legal Status Requirement 4111.2 SP AR
Appointment and Conditions of Employment 4112 AR
Staff Teaching English Language Learners 4112.22 AR
Special Education Staff 4112.23 AR
Oath or Affirmation 4112.3 AR
Health Examinations 4112.4 AR
Criminal Record Check 4112.5 AR
Personnel Files 4112.6 AR
Evaluation Supervision – Certificated 4115 SP
Certificated Dismissal 4118 SP
Sexual Harrassment 4119 SP AR
Exposure Control Plan for Blood-Borne Pathogens 4119.42 SP
Universal Precautions 4119.43 SP
Staff Development 4131 SP
Collective Bargaining Agreement 4141 SP
Group Health Benefits – Retirees/On Leave 4144.2 SP
Employee Safety 4157 SP
Temporary/Substitute Personnel Paid Sick Leave 4161.1 SP AR
Classified Personnel 4200 SP
Employment of Relatives 4212.8 SP
Management, Supervisory and Confidential Personnel 4300 SP
Positive Work Calendar 4302 AR
Health and Welfare Benefits Retired Management/Confidential Personnel 4303.1 SP
Certificated Management/Disciplinary Action 4312 SP
Employment References 4312.61 SP
Work-Related Injuries 4357.1 AR
Employee Assistance Programs 4359 SP

Superintendent’s Policies (SP)
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